吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载The M.S. in Accounting offers you a broad base of knowledge about accounting and business theory and practice, tailored for students who wish to meet Illinois' 150-credit hour requirement to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students with or without undergraduate preparation in business or accounting.

In Fall 2018, named Northeastern's M.S. in Accounting the most affordable among Illinois four-year public universities.

Northeastern Illinois University offers a two-phase Master of Science in Accounting program.

  • The first phase consists of a set of?foundation courses, some or all of which may be waived depending on your prior academic preparation.?If your bachelor's degree is not in accounting, you will also need to show proficiency in six undergraduate prerequisite courses:?Cost Accounting,?Auditing Theory and Problems,?Federal Income Tax (Individual),?Intermediate Financial Accounting I,?Intermediate Financial Accounting II?and?Business Calculus.?You may demonstrate proficiency either through competent coursework or by passing a proficiency examination. Please note that these six courses are program prerequisites. They are not part of the M.S. in Accounting?program and cannot be applied to the degree requirements.
  • The second phase is made up of?30 hours of?advanced core courses?and is required of all students in the program. Among these advanced courses are six hours of accounting elective classes and nine hours of non-accounting elective classes.

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载The College of Business and Management has a set of well-established??across all programs that are assessed on a periodic basis. The College of Business and Management is accredited by the??(AACSB)?and is among the top five percent of the worldwide business schools offering degree programs. See the??for four compelling features to study in the College of Business and Management.

Credit hours required: 30-67

Admission Information

The program admits students for the fall, spring and summer semesters.

Program Benefits

Northeastern's Accounting, M.S. program demonstrates?quality through AACSB accreditation and offers an outstanding return on investment. Students who graduate from Northeastern have among the lowest student loan debt upon commencement (U.S. News & World Report 2015, 2016).

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Northeastern's student body is exceptionally diverse, as is its faculty,?representing more than 60 different countries from around the world. Students are encouraged to network in order to develop knowledge and skills needed in business. Northeastern's Alumni Association has a network of more than 62,000?individuals, including local and national financial institutions.

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Program pathways are for traditional students and executives with foundation and core courses offered at convenient times through online, hybrid and traditional classroom settings.

Career Options

The M.S. in Accounting prepares you for careers such as:

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Financial Accountant
  • Managerial Accountant
  • Income Tax Professional
  • Auditor

??For more detailed career information, visit the U.S. Department of Labor?.

Academic Catalog Information

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Take a closer look at the Master of Science?in Accounting and the courses offered toward the degree.

Department and Contact Information

If you are interested in the program or have questions, please contact Accounting, Business Law?and Finance at (773) 442-6140.

About Northeastern

Northeastern Illinois University is home to?students from all corners of the world and is one of the?most ethnically diverse?universities in the nation. Our small class sizes, flexible schedules and dedicated faculty can help you succeed in your studies.

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载We offer an education with value.