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Connecting students to?classes at three NEIU locations

Northeastern Illinois University has partnered with Uber to provide students with rides to and from class between the Main Campus, El Centro and the Jacob H. Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies. This Fall 2019 pilot program replaces the NEIU Shuttle program and will run from Aug. 26 through Dec. 14.

Students can take Uber rides to and from classes, and Northeastern will cover the cost. Here’s how the program works:

  • NEIU Ride With Uber is available only to currently enrolled students
  • NEIU Ride With Uber is available only for travel between three NEIU locations
  • NEIU Ride With Uber is available only for the purpose of attending class
  • Students must complete a NEIU Ride With Uber request form and submit it by?Monday, Sept.?9, the?last day of the add/drop date for registration.?All requests received after this date will be subject to further review for approval.
  • NEIU Ride With Uber request forms are available at the Welcome Desk in Village Square on the Main campus, at the Welcome Desk in the first-floor lobby at El Centro, and at the administrative office on the third floor at the Carruthers Center
  • A valid Northeastern ID card must be presented at the time an NEIU Ride With Uber request form is submitted
  • Ride request forms will take 24-48 hours to review and process
  • The NEIU Ride With Uber request form is subject to review, enrollment verification and class registration prior to approval
  • Once the request is approved, NEIU will issue a customized Uber voucher to the student
  • A link to the customized Uber voucher will be sent to the student’s Nmail address
  • Once the Uber voucher has been claimed, the student will be able to schedule an Uber ride during the specific dates and times in order to attend class
  • Northeastern will cover the cost of the ride(s) taken within the parameters established for the customized Uber voucher
  • Students must have an active Uber account to participate
  • The Uber app can be downloaded at:

Uber terms and conditions apply and will be outlined in the Uber voucher confirmation email. Students must complete, sign and accept the terms and conditions outlined in the NEIU Ride With Uber request form.

Pick-up and drop-off locations

The Nest logo is shown in blue and white over the main entrance to the residence hall.

Main entrance of The Nest (east side of building)


The Carruthers Center building is shown with the Chicago skyline in the background.

Main entrance of the Carruthers Center


The El Centro building is shown at dusk.

Main entrance of El Centro

Uber Voucher User Guide

For information on how to use your customized Uber voucher, please see the .

The NEIU Ride With Uber program is being run as a pilot program during the Fall 2019 semester by the Student Union, Event and Conference Services office. Please email uber@neiu.edu with questions pertaining to the NEIU Ride With Uber program.