SCS Lab Assistant Application Package

Please read each section in its entirety.

  • You are required to complete each and every step of each section.
  • If you do not have access to a personal scanner, you may use any of the ?on campus to send a photo to your email account. Alternately, you can use your phone to to take a picture of your ID and send it to your email account.
  • You may utilize the?SCS Tutorials?to complete your application.
  • ?If you are working from a SCS computer lab, no additional software is necessary.

Section 1: Preparation? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Step 1: Create a new folder on the computer you are using and rename it to display “Your Full Name.”

Step 2: Any files saved in this folder should be renamed to display “Your Full Name.associated extension." (John Doe.docx, John Doe.xlsx, etc.)

Section 2:?SCS Lab Assistant Application ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Step 1: Download, and complete the?SCS Lab Assistant Application?from the SCS Jobs website.

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 2: Save the completed Lab Assistant Application PDF to your folder.

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 3: Provide a copy of your cover letter and resume and save it to your folder.

Step 4: Scan or take a photo of your student ID and save the image to your folder.

SECTION 3: Word Processing

Step 1: Launch MS Word and open a blank document.

Step 2: Type your NEIU Student ID number into the left side of the?header.

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 3: Type your NEIUport NetID into the right side of the?header.

Step 4: Insert a diagonal?watermark?that says DRAFT.

Step 5: On the first page, describe how you would go about instructing a lab user on how to print multiple slides of their PowerPoint presentation on a single sheet of paper.

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 6: Insert a new page. On the second page, insert?a new tab position at the 2" margin according to the ruler.

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 7: Tab to this newly created position and insert the text, “I just tabbed to this position.”

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 8: Set the?footer?to automatically enter the page numbers for you starting at page number 1. Place the page numbers in the center of the?footer.

Step 9: Save your word processing document as “Your Full Name” (i.e., John Doe.docx) to your folder.


吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 1: Using MS PowerPoint, create a new slideshow that has three?slides.

Step 2: On the first slide, enter the text “This is my slideshow." and insert one?clip art.

Step 3: On the second slide, enter the text “This is my second slide.” and insert a footer with your initials and apply to all slides.

Step 4: On the third slide, enter the text “This is my last slide.” and apply any type of animation to the text.

Step 5: Use random slide transitions for each slide.

Step 6: Save your PowerPoint file as “Your Full Name”?(i.e., John Doe.pptx) to your folder.


Step 1: Launch MS Excel.

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 2: Shade cell A1 the color red and enter the text "Stop."

Step 3: Shade cell B1 the color yellow and enter the text "Yield."

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 4: Shade cell C1 the color green and enter the text "Go."

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 5: Type in cell A2 “10.”

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 6: Type in cell B2 “20.”

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 7: Type in cell C2 “30.”

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 8: Create a line chart which includes the information from the six?cells ranging from A1-C2.

Step 9: The series of the chart should be renamed to display your “NetID.”

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 10: Save your spreadsheet document as “Your Full Name”?(i.e., John Doe.xlsx) to your folder.


Step 1: Using MS Word or some similar editor that can create HTML web pages, create a new web page titled "My Web Page."

Step 2: In the body of the web page, enter "This is today's date: <enter today's date>".

Step 3: Insert an image under the date.

Step 4: Link this picture to the SCS website.

Step 5: Under the picture, create a clickable text link to the SCS website.

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 6: Using the "Save As" feature, save your work as a Web Page in your folder as "<Your Full Name.html>" (i.e., John Doe.html).


吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 1: Verify all these files are in your folder:

  1. Cover letter, resume, and completed SCS Lab Assistant Application?from Section 2
  2. Word document from Section 3
  3. PowerPoint presentation from Section 4
  4. Spreadsheet from Section 5
  5. Student identification picture from Section 2, step 4
  6. Web Page file from Section 6

Step 2: Using a compression program (7Zip, WinZip, WinRAR, PeaZIP, etc.), compress the folder “Your Full Name” with all its contents and save it as a ZIP?file.?Some free compression utilities can be downloaded via the?SCS?website.


Step 1: Compose an email message using the following information:

To :?

Cc: <Your NEIU email address>

Subject: SCS Lab Assistant Application

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Body: Let us know the following information:

  1. The amount of credit hours you have currently completed at NEIU.
  2. The amount of?Work Study?money, if any, available to you.

Attachment: Attach the compressed ZIP?file that you created in Section 7: Utilities.

吉祥棋牌游戏大厅免费下载Step 2: Send the email message.


The SCS Department will only accept SCS Lab Assistant Application Packages that are complete and have been compressed (Zipped) as stated in Section 7: Utilities. SCS will only respond to an applicant if positions are available. If you receive a response from the SCS Department, you will be required to complete the final part (Part 2) of the SCS Computer Skills Assessment using the computer system at the SCS office?located in the B Building, Room 107.